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Your personalized photoshoot session can't have a grand finale without the chance of owning beautiful printed product to display in your home or office.

Melinda Komuves Photography is dedicated to designing, creating, and delivering artwork for your family. This can be an artwork for the grand wall of your home to display your legacy print, a luxury album to tell your story, or a more minimalistic display of prints on a shelf or desk in a custom folio box.

Designing and creating your perfect Artwork is a journey to have, and we will guide you the entire way. 


From the moment we meet, the creative design process begins. During your consultation, we talk about your vision for your photoshoot, your dream outfits, and what the end results should look like. This also includes the creation of your perfect Artwork bringing your dream images to life in a form of prints. 

At your ‘Reveal Session’, we will go over every image worthy of keeping one by one. This allows you to take your time and study every aspect of your images and then to make your selection of favourites. 

You will have the chance to look over our products and decide on which direction you wish to go. We offer various albums, wall art pieces, and folio boxes. During this time, we will pull up our fabulous software where we can design a variety of albums and wall pieces. We can take an image of your master bedroom or living room and plug it in to our app to create the best art work that fits perfectly in your home. Talk about custom design, right?!

folio box product

Matted Image

Minimalistic Display of Art

Perfect choice to keep and cherish only a handful or more  images from your session. 

album product



Albums tell your story of special times, big hugs, grand feelings, and never-ending love. Stand alone or collect multiple albums to create a life-time of stories.

wall art product

Wall Art

Legacy Prints

Grand images for a grand wall to showcase your special story, to remember, to love, to be. Truly a dream come true!

Each client and their families have unique visions, wants, and needs; therefore, we believe all our artwork should represent this. We offer ready to go albums and wall art collections as well as tailored and custom designed pieces to fit everyone's needs. 

Let's start the conversation!

large wall art product
metal wall art product
luxury album product
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