3Things I love About Outdoor Sessions

Most people would hate waking up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning to go to work, but not me. I absolutely love my job: I love photographing family moments, special occasions, and just about anything that evokes some sort of an emotion within me.

Recently, I was asked to capture a family with a 4 month old little baby. We chose to get the session done at Heart Lake Conservation Park. The early morning light brought every living thing to life; it filled up the air with warmth and my soul with happiness.

  1. Being outdoors fills my cup, so I can give more

I love sessions outdoors. I get to refill my cup before I start working. I get to go outside and scout the area first, discovering new things each and every time. Being outdoors is one of the best antidote you can give yourself to help you coop with life's struggles. It also allows you to take a break from social media and get lost in nature. This is the very thing we all need: to go back to the simpler ways at times and rediscover our own environment. To learn more about how being outdoors can help you, read the article provided by the American Psychological Association here.

2. Outdoor sessions can be challenging

Outdoor photoshoots can be challenging due to lighting conditions, weather conditions, and even insect problems at times (if you have an allergic reaction to mosquito bites, you know exactly how painful they can be). Harsh sunlight is difficult to work with, especially when I do not have an assistant to help me hold up reflectors or there is no open shade. I love the challenge of the ever changing lighting conditions, and I make sure to push my boundaries further with each photoshoot I do, while still delivering beautiful images to my clients. I have a competitive nature; therefore, I love putting my skills to test in new conditions and environments.

To learn more about photographing in harsh light, read my previous blog post here.

3. No restrictions of movement

One of my favourite reasons to shoot outdoors is the availability to walk, run, climb, and do just about anything we want. Children love moving their bodies, getting into everything, running, climbing, spinning, dancing, and anything and everything that comes to their minds. Shooting outdoors (in a safe place) allows me to follow my clients around and let them be themselves. I give gentle directions to help the session to go smoothly, but I encourage everyone, especially kids, to interact with their environment and the things they find in it. This could be going for a little walk down to the lake or letting a child play hide and seek. My educator background always comes forward when I work with children; perhaps that is why I am able to connect with them so easily.

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