Birth Photography: More Than Just An Image

Updated: May 18

Photographs, in my opinion, are meant to be more than 'just' pretty images sitting in your album or being hung up on the wall. Photos have the ability to hold your attention, to freeze moments in time, to tell a story. It tells YOUR story, too.

I love taking images and displaying them in my galleries. I love sessions that include portraits, special occasions like birthdays and weddings, artistic images, and family photos. But birth photography has its' special place in my heart.

Birth photography is a special category in all the possible genre of photography. It is unique; it has its' own way of creating photographs, capturing moments, and emotions. It is time consuming, at times difficult, but nevertheless it is one of the most rewarding areas of photography.

This genre of photography is relatively new in Toronto; professionals usually know one another, creating a tight knit circle of friends and photographers. At times, we pair up with other birth workers such as midwifes and doulas too.

Usually once a professional birth photographer is hired, she (or he) will go on call from around the 38th week of your pregnancy. Sometimes, this date can vary due to many reason such as planned, early birth or complications. You can always ask your birth photographer to give you more details on when she goes on call, if you are unsure.

As the big day slowly approaches and you are closer and closer to your due date, your birth photographer will ask you to let her know of any changes you might be experiencing. I promise, we do not mind if you send us a message late in the evening, even if it is a false alarm. We will be on high alert, our gear will be packed and ready to go at a moment's notice. So please, do not feel bad for communicating with us.

Before the delivery date, your birth photographer will ask you questions such as when you wish the photographer to arrive, what you want your photographer to capture, and how she can support you during labor and delivery. Your photographer can also assist in little things like adjusting the light to your needs, bringing you ice chips before the big moment comes and you get to meet your little one for the first time. Some photographer also hold other accreditations such as doula and labour support certificates, which could aid them in providing you with better support.

Your photographer will be documenting little details of your environment: the room number of your hospital, the clock on the wall, the sheets of the bed wrinkled, the way your spouse/birth partner/support person is holding your hand through contractions, and many other little elements that would be otherwise lost in your memory.

When the time comes and your contractions are bringing your baby Earth side, your photographer will follow your previously discussed instructions on what to photograph exactly. Your photographer will provide professional, respectful services; she will follow your wishes during your session. If you request her to capture the most intimate parts of your birth, she will do that. If you decided not to capture those moments, your photographer will stand in a way in which she will be able to record all the other, special moments but still be respectful of your needs.

Some of the must have shots include the moment you see your baby for the first time, the moment your birthing team place your baby on your chest, cutting of the cord, and the parents/family/friends meeting the new love of your life.

Every professional birth photographer I know strives to provide services in which women feel empowered, heard, strong, and respected. Birth work is not easy and as photographers, we are here to give you the best experience and support we can while documenting the most significant time in your life.

Birth happens only once: even if you have multiple children, you can only give birth to each of them once. Do not miss out on a full experience and loose the details of your special day, reach out to me to chat about your upcoming birth.

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