Capturing The Last Evening Before The Proud Grandparents Travel Back To India

We all know how special photography is, and what photography can do for each and every person and family out there. Photographers all around the world work tirelessly to document special moments from weddings, maternity sessions, to even birth. We also know how much we love to document special moments in our own lives to share on social media or to display these beautiful moments on our walls as printed portraits.

When Kalika approached me to capture a couple of photographs of her newborn son, husband, and her parents together, I was excited to say yes. She also mentioned to me that her parents are traveling back to her hometown, and this will be their last evening together in Toronto (until they come back, of course).

I invite you to look through these photographs as the happy, new parents and grandparents share their last evening stroll through the park in Toronto.

Special moments such as arriving to a location to visit family, going for a holiday, getting married or having a baby all worth to be photographed. Every milestone, every step you take in life is an opportunity to capture you, your family, and create long-lasting portraits that can be shown to your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren for years to come. Let's document your life and all the little things in it. Call now to book your spot!

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