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Exist In Photographs - A Movement to Capture Mothers

Updated: 4 days ago

As a mother myself, I have taken countless photographs of my children just by using my phone. Photos that show my children playing, being silly, dressed up all cute and fancy, and even showcasing them with my family. I have documented special moments from birthdays to Christmases and anything in between.

I have asked my husband numerous times "please take a picture of me with the kids", and unfortunately, majority of the time these images came out not only blurry but quite unflattering. I like these photographs, because my kids are the most beautiful to me; but deep down in my heart I long for a pretty image of myself.

I want to see myself as a beautiful mother hugging my children and laughing at their jokes. I want to see myself on a photo with them and feel beautiful.

And I bet you, as a mother, feel the same. You - the mother, the glue of the family, the one who takes on many roles in your family - are the last one to brush your teeth in the morning, to get dressed, to comb your hair. Everyone at all times needs something from you. You give without taking, you serve without complaining. You are the one who makes the most sacrifices for your children. Your life and every waking moment is about your little ones.

I believe that all of your love, hard work, and sacrifice for your family deserve to be celebrated. Motherhood photography does just that! Motherhood sessions allow you to take some time to be fully present with your child(ren). It celebrates your role as a mother with your tender, never-ending love. It documents the most important part of your life so you and your little one(s) can one day look back on them and remember what life was like.

Vilma, a mother of 2 sweet boys, sat in front of my camera to document her motherhood journey. Images like the ones below will forever be cherished by her. Her words: "I had a great experience with Melinda during our [...] photoshoot. I was a bit nervous because it was our first time doing a photoshoot with our 2-month-old and 5-year-old. But she made us feel extremely comfortable. [...] And the final photos are beautiful. I received so many compliments."

Book your own motherhood session and receive a full make over with hair and make up provided, wardrobe styling for momma and child(ren), and a fantastic experience to deepen your bond and love.

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