Is a Womanhood Session for You?

You have more than likely heard of maternity sessions, newborn sessions, and family session before, but have you ever heard of a Womanhood Session? Have you ever wondered why someone would want to schedule a session to take photos without any "big occasion" or if it is even worth the money?

Well, I am here to tell you what the Womanhood Session is about and why YOU should schedule one too.

A Womanhood Session aims to capture the life of anyone who is or identifies as woman and want to be celebrated as beautiful, glamorous, and elegant. This session captures the woman who is at the core of you.

As a woman, mother, and photographer, I have come to the realization that I, along with so many women in my shoes, stopped existing in photographs. My phone is full of photos of my children playing, eating, running, jumping, playing, and doing just about anything, but I am always missing. The odd times I ask my husband to snap a photo of me and my children, but somehow he always manages to cut my head off half way or catching me while I am blinking. In short, I have no proper photo of myself with my children

I am here with the intent to start a movement amongst women and mothers to start celebrating and documenting the life we live with us in it!

You do not need a big occasion to happen like a pregnancy or engagement to be photographed and feel beautiful. You do not need to worry about your weight fluctuating (I know we all do to a certain degree, but you are beautiful and strong as you are!), you just need to show up. Come alone or with your children, husband, or best friend. Come with your sister, mother and grandmother, and I will document you in your natural beauty.

I specialize in fine art photography with a luxuries experience to bring out the inner glow of the woman you are. Start existing in photographs to forever document your life and legacy. You deserve to be and feel beautiful, resilient, accepted and celebrated. You deserve to treat yourself to a gift that will forever decorate the walls of your home so one day your children and grandchildren can say "wow this is my mom/grandma".

This is exactly why Martina was photographed with her little girl.

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