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Looking for a photographer who doesn't charge "an arm and a leg"

I love showing off my work and the sessions I work on currently, but this blog post is going to be a little different. I am here to share with you all my opinion and educate those who don't necessarily understand what goes into a photoshoot and why we price it the way we do.

Recently, I have seen people look for maternity, portrait or newborn photographer while stating they do not want to pay "an arm and a leg" for the session.

Markham photographers newborn baby photography album
newborn photography album

As a portrait photographer who went to college, invested in education, and practiced countless hours and days to perfect my craft, I understand what goes on behind the scenes, the planning, and all of the work that goes into a photoshoot. Photographers have to learn and understand their gear, perfect their lighting patterns and conditions, and develop their editing skills. Each and every session is unique, and photographers have to put endless hours into planing, communicating, and delivering the results to make their clients happy.

Somewhere, I have heard the phrase "if you want cheap it won't be good and if you want good it won't be cheap". This is the perfect way to describe the pricing principles in the photography industry.

You see, when you hire a photographer, you are hiring the expertise, the equipment, the entire experience, and of course the time of the artist. While I completely understand wanting a beautiful photograph of yourself with your family or commemorate your pregnancy journey via maternity photography, we also have to acknowledge that any type of professional photography is a luxury service especially when your photographer offers you refreshments, prints, make up and hair services. Professional photography is truly an experience to have and not at all a basic need; therefore, the ones who are passionate about their craft and want to provide amazing services have to charge accordingly. You see, I can't create amazing service and gorgeous fine art prints for you if I charge low prices.

Markham photographer boudoir photography folio box
folio box

So what can you expect to pay? That is an amazing question to ask with a lot to consider before answering it. First, we have to consider where the photographer lives, the level of experience they may have, type of sessions they offer you, the style they shoot in as well as their cost of doing business. Someone who has no experience, no studio, no customized service to provide might charge $50 to $100 in Toronto, Canada for a portrait session. These people are either building a portfolio and practicing or they are what we call a "shoot and burn". On the other end, someone who is established in their work, has a strong portfolio, and a lot of experience might charge $800-$1000 per session with hair and make up and a few prints included in the price. This just shows that you really can't expect to pay $100 for a session and receive a full, luxury service.

The good thing is that most photographers offer payment plans (pre or post-shoot) and accept major credit cards as forms of payment. So if you fall in love with an artist's work who is not "affordable" to you rest assured you can always reach out to them and ask about their payment options. We, as photographers, want to help you create memories and art work for you so you can cherish these forever. We, photographers, are truly passionate about creating memories for you, but at the end it is still a job. We truly care about our clients, and we are truly honoured to be a part of your story to be let in on intimate moments and to witness the love and bond you share with your loved ones.

I hope this blog post was as apparent in the intention as I am hoping. I, along with many other artist, feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, to capture memories, to be a part of your story and I can only hope to work with people who see the value of professional photography from the very beginning all the way to the end.

With lots of love,


Markham maternity photographer matted prints
maternity prints

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