Spring and Mother's Day Mini Sessions 🌸

How wonderful it is to see winter slowly passing giving way to spring. The snow under our feet starts melting, while the trees in parks and gardens start budding. Flowers start to grow and one day to another, it seems like spring is suddenly here.

With the arrival of spring, I think of the upcoming special occasions filled with love, laughter, and sunshine. I think of this time of the year as starting a new chapter in my book. And all I want to do is to create ART. I want to photograph the pretty colours of flowers, the smiles of children playing, parents lovingly watching over their children, and the sunshine that warms all our hearts up.

Spring and Mother's Day Mini Sessions are here to help you celebrate the new start in your book, the beginning of the new year, and to celebrate your family. A new chapter filled with love and joy.

Mothers, all over the world, work so hard to keep their homes clean, children taken care of, pantry filled with delicious food. Mothers, and other motherly figures in our lives, tirelessly work to make sure every single person is being taken care of. This is our time to show how grateful we are for having caring, loving mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and motherly figures in our lives.

As a mother myself, I think the best gifts I have ever received for special occasions were always the ones that incorporate my children: a little handprint, a photo of smiling faces, a handmade gift by them. I cherish these little gifts like it is worth a million dollar. Why? Because to me, these little presents are worth the whole world.

This is why I have created a Mother's Day Mini Session that can be gifted to all mothers and motherly figures in your life. Show your loved ones how grateful you are for all the work they have done and all the love and support they continuously show you. Let's treat our lovely mothers with a beautiful photoshoot showcasing the prettiest flowers, brightest smiles, and loudest laughs of this season.

You can contact me to book your spot.

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