Story of Love Through Images of a Nikkah Ceremony

Have you ever looked at a couple before and thought to yourself "wow they are so in love". This was my first thought when I met Maya and Sim.

Maya reached out to me to photograph her Nikkah Ceremony at the Adamson Estate in Mississauga. This beautiful, historical place offers a lake side view and a lovely, old house for photographers to utilize during their sessions.

Maya has mentioned how her uncle has travelled to Toronto to officiate the wedding. In Afghan culture, the bride and groom have to have a Nikkah Ceremony where the bride agrees to marry the groom. This religious ceremony includes agreeing and signing a marriage contract and exchanging of gifts.

Maya wanted to prioritize taking portrait photographs with Sim before the start of their Nikkah Ceremony.

Every single photograph perfectly captured the love between Maya and Sim. They remind me of a fabulous Hollywood couple off of on old movie set.

I remember standing at the ceremony site with Sim who was waiting on Maya to come. Him and I were chatting away about their lives, how much Covid has effected their wedding plans, and how the nervous feeling Sim has felt before has turned into an exciting yet peaceful feeling of "I am coming home". He has been waiting for this day for a long time now.

I was able to witness and capture their new beginning as husband and wife surrounded by their friends and families. I invite you to look through the gallery so you can be a part of their wonderful, love filled story too.

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