Sweet Family Photographs: A Child's Play with His Grandparents

As a mother, former educator, and now professional portrait photographer, I believe in allowing and encouraging children to be themselves during family photoshoots. I believe in creating images that represents a real family unit with authentic personalities shining through. When I hit the shutter button on my camera, I intend to catch moments in life that is true yet aesthetically pleasing.

And that is exactly what has happened during a Family Photoshoot at Highpark, in Toronto.

Baby O. had a lovely, long nap just before we started the photoshoot. His energetic, freedom-loving self was shining through on all of the images I managed to capture of him. Baby O., in my opinion, is a true explorer who's feet started running as soon as they touched the ground. I am not going to cover up the truth here, I got a nice little workout in chasing him around.

Our photoshoot location provided us with ample space to let this curly haired little toddler to run around. We looked at beautiful magnolia trees, saw the cherry-blossoms in bloom, and had the chance to stop for a little snack in between running around and exploring the scenery.

But if you are asking me what the best part of the session was, I must say that the most enjoyable part was to see how the grandparents were playing with their grandson. Family photoshoots are a lot more than "just a handful of pretty images", they are here to document your life, your experiences, your emotions while giving you the ability to remember it all. Photographs allow you to pass your memories down to future generations so everyone can feel like they are a part of the story being told.

This little boy will forever have images of him being 2 years old while his grandparents chase him around a tree, playing peek-a-boo, or talking about the green grass.

I think Baby O. is really lucky to have such fun, loving, and engaging grandparents. I hope he will cherish these photographs for years to come.

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