Tips and Tricks for Taking Photos Outdoors

Have you ever tried to take a picture of someone on a sunny day at a park only to realize the photo you just took looks off? So you try again and agin, but something just doesn't look right. It's a sunny, warm day, but your photos do not seem to show this.

Well, as a professional portrait photographer, I am going to share with you some tips, tricks and little secrets I have learnt while working on sets, outdoors.

Finding the perfect location

Before you start taking images or selfies, you must find the perfect location. To better help you with your selection process, here are a number of things to keep in mind.

  1. Size of the space: make sure everyone can fit into the image and no one is left behind. You can position people in 100s of different ways such as side by side in a row or make people stand in front of one another.

  2. Light: is the scene lit up enough to take images? Or do you need to add lights on your own?

  3. Safety: you must make sure the space you choose to take images is safe for everyone especially for children. Do not choose a busy parking lot where lots of cars are moving in and out.

Natural light, weather forecast, and time of day

One of the most important decision to make when it comes to photography is choosing the perfect time of day for outdoor session. This is so important, because the available light can make or break your photoshoot. Success, really, depends on our beloved Sun and its' position in the sky.

To capture the best images possible, try to choose a time of day when the sky is overcast. In fancy photography terms: the clouds will act as a massive diffuser which makes the light scatter evenly onto your subjects. This, in return, will eliminate those harsh shadows which you usually see when you try to snap a picture in harsh light.

Tips and Trick for Shooting During a Sunny Day

  • position your subject in open shade such as the edge of a doorway where the person is looking towards the light but not standing directly in it. To read more about how to find open shade visit the Click Community.

  • use available structures around you like light coloured walls and concrete ground to bounce the light back onto your model

  • you can fill in the shadows by using man-made light a.k.a flash. There are 3 main ways to use a flash: on camera, on camera with a mini softbox, or off camera. For best results, you want to avoid using your flash directly in front of your subject. Try adding a softbox on your flash to diffuse the light and create more aesthetically pleasing photographs. You can buy these accessories on Amazon here.

  • try different angles and positions such as lighting your subject from the back (backlit photo), side light, lower/higher the camera angle, etc.

The most important aspect of any successful photoshoot is to be prepared. By knowing the location, time of day, and weather forecast of a session, we can ensure a happy photoshoot for everyone involved.

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