Wreck The Dress 2022

I have always wanted to do something to give back to my community, to help, to connect, to create a better world for all people. As a photographer, I realized there is so much I can do, so much I can say on a language most people can understand regardless of what language they speak. Wreck the dress brought to us by Udderly Ridiculous Fram, in Bright, Ontario has given me the opportunity to do just that - help.

Wreck the dress event was cerated to raise awareness and bring support to those people who have been affected by domestic abuse. The event itself has created 3 main areas where participants could engage at. These areas were the goat play-yard, the alpacas, and an area for a no waste food fight (ketchup and mustard were used to eliminate waste products).

Men and women both got dressed and came out on September 10 to wreck their dresses in the name of the event. Local vendors, photographers, professionals, and volunteers joined the team to create a well-rounded, successful event.

I have had the honour to photograph one of the most special moments of the entire event: the washing away of past of a domestic abuse survivor. The power this event holds in connecting, honouring, supporting and transforming lives of people is undeniable.

I invite you to look through these images and be a part of this event next year. Wreck a dress to change a life!

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