Melinda Komuves takes on a some special projects to cultivate her creativity and explore the world through her camera's lens. Some of these projects are free, volunteer work, others are personal publications, and some are reduced cost to client. 

Melinda is passionate about giving back to the community in whichever ways she can. 

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Fuerza Latina Festival 2022 

Fuerza Latina Festival is organized by a non-profit organization to help the Latin American community in and around Toronto to settle down and create their lives as they wish to live it. 

Melinda has offered some of her time to document the festival's beautiful customs, performers, and vendors in the hope of helping the organization to grow through Melinda's images. 

Below you can find a link to see the gallery containing some of the photographs taken during the festival.

Click on the photo below to view the gallery.


Summer Memories 22

This is an ongoing project throughout the summer of 2022 which aims to capture the experiences and emotions of people both old and young. Melinda's reason behind creating this project is to be able to find her own child inside. As a photographer, wife, and mother, Melinda is busy working and taking care of her family which results in little time to bring the inner child out. Melinda uses her free time to capture her own children along with other people to see how they utilize their "play time". Surprisingly, a lot of people were able to disconnect from their phones, but not everyone.

Click on the photo below to view the gallery.

Decicive moment .jpg

"Renaissance Girl"

This project was created as part of a study to better understand the Italian Renaissance era. One of the images in this gallery has won one national and one international juror's award. Furthermore, this series is very special to Melinda as the models of photographs are her own children. 

Click on the photo below to view the gallery.

Catching Cupid.jpg