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Tu es de  l'art


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Tu es de l'art  

The modern woman who is ready to fall in love with herself all over again, the woman who wants to be seen as powerful yet vulnerable, the woman who is ready to step into her femininity, and to embrace her body and soul without judgement and shame. This is for the woman who is ready to grow her confidence and become a part of the epidemic of confident women. 

Just like the paintings, sculptures, and drawings of old masters, Melinda aims to highlights all of your femininity, beauty, and embrace the temple of a body you are in. It is more than skin deep; it is you in every sense, every inch, every little scar. The mood, the feeling, the experiences you lived through finally coming together to tell a story of love, life, and passion.  Bringing out the authentic self without society's pressure of who you supposed to be as a woman is our main priority.

Our boudoir sessions are customized to individual needs and visions of how you want to be captured. You can show as little or as much as you want. Emotions, mood, and sensuality are taking centre stage. This is not a photoshoot experience "to look good" for someone else, this is for your  ...



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Do it for you

Because you deserve your own love!

What does it cost?

The photoshoot experience is $450 and includes:

The consultation call will cover all of the important details of your special day from how you want to be photographed to what to bring, what to wear, and even how to prepare for your session. 

You will also receive a guide which will outline the most important aspects of the day and help you prep so you can look and feel as the best version of yourself.


"Melinda is an amazing photographer! She takes creative photos that are artistic, beautiful and will make you smile. Also highly effective at organizing guests and models. She is very professional and would highly recommend!" 
- Jenieki
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