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The face



Melinda is a an accredited portrait photographer specializing in artistically documenting the life of women through maternity photography, boudoir photography, and portrait photography. Melinda's passion for creating gorgeous art OF WOMEN FOR WOMEN is rooted in her own life experiences and childhood. 

Melinda grew up in Hungary watching the women around her being told by society what to wear, how to look like, and how to behave. "You are your looks!" was told to all women. During Melinda's childhood, Hollywood stars, fashion shows, and runways influenced the everyday woman's looks, beauty standards, and life. Measuring up to these unnatural standards was and is still impossible for so many. 

Melinda wanted to break free from "putting women in a box" and practice self-love, acceptance, and joy living in an imperfectly perfect body. Her vision became to make every girl feel and see themselves as gorgeous and beautiful at every stage of life. There is no better way to do this then to truly show them through photography.


"I   believe every woman is incredibly beautiful in their own way when they step into their full power loving and accepting the body they are in.After all, beauty and confidence come from within you; don't let society's noise dim your light!" 


Because you deserve it!



mother with her daughter sitting in front of a white piano cuddling while posing for motherhood photography session
older woman standing in studio set with white background wearing a black top and black pants looking to the side
maternity photography picture of a couple sitting on the floor cuddling and giving a kiss on the shoulder
woman wearing a pair of glasses placing her hands on make up books for branding photoshoot




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